New Building

Info on our budget, needs, and ways you can help.

Content coming soon! We will publish an inside-scoop of all things new-school related.
(During The School Year)

We are taking Pictures! Everything from the original condition, to the remodel in process, to the finished product.


Although we could never thank everyone there is to thank, we’ve tried to thank all we could here.

Fairview Youth Group
Their work can be seen in the first Building Focus Video

UPS Drivers
We couldn’t get a picture of them, but we are grateful for a small group of them who came to help out.

York City School District
Not only did they sell us the building, but check out Building Focus #2


Living Water Youth Group
They were a tremendous help removing excess metal and completing the roof


Hilltop Masonry
Harold Weiler and his crew have been working non-stop in the remodeling efforts. We thank them for their sacrifice and time.