New Building.... New Food Line

Not everything that is upgrading over the course of this next year is related to our building infastructure. Before we began the remodeling process, we sold or trashed nearly everything in the building. We did this not just to free up the needed space to remodel, but also to one day fill it back up again. Since we will be filling the building with many new(for us) and exciting things, we thought we might let you in on one of our most recent donations.

I(Mr. Washington) remember growing up and spending a lot of time in my favorite place in the school... The cafeteria. The cafeteria was filled with many seats, tables, decorations, and other miscellaneous items. But one of the things that I took for granted was a long and heavy chunk of metal that sat in the very front of the room. It was the first thing I went to every time the lunch bell hit. Children stood anxiously in line to get to use it, and standing behind it were several lunch ladies. I was in and out from the item within seconds, and the last thing I grabbed was an ice cold chocolate milk. What was it?

It was a food line!

I remember when I came to Tidings of Peace in my junior year, and saw that our food was served off of a 3x2 metal cart with no sneeze guard. Since then, we have at least built a sneeze guard on, but it is still common to see Miss Marlea put up an additional table to serve the sides. So it is without question that this most recent donation is going to prove a valuable and useful item as we launch into the new building. We'd like to thank the York City School District for their donation of the food line. We wish Devers Elementary the best as they remodel this summer!

Below is a video of the entertaining process of moving the 21 ft beast on to a 12 ft trailer. You don't have to be a whiz at math to know that this isn't supposed to work. But with Brother Clayton in charge, and a few willing men, it was safely transported to the parking lot of our new building.

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