The Upside Down Schoolhouse

The Glory of God

God receives glory in a sorts of formats. But the one similarity is the sharing of His goodness. That is the goal of this publication. The record of His work from the planting of a church to the starting of a school, and the growth of both… Please enjoy the first chapter in this sample edition.


Where we are Headed

Table of Contents

Decades of Disciples

Part 1 | The Starting of a Church | 1954-84

Chapter 1 | Sowing in Tears | p. 13

Chapter 2 | Sprouting | p. 25

To Be Continued. . .

Chapter 3 | Growing Pains

Part 2 | The Next Level | 80s

Part 3 | Christian Education | 90s

Part 4 | The Increase | 00s

Part 5 | Reaping in Joy | 10s

Part 6 | Till All Know | 20s and beyond

What’s missing?

We weren’t alive when this history began. If you know facts or people we didn’t include or included inaccurately, please let us know. We’d also love to know if we missed any grammer or spelling mistakes.

Thanks for your input!