Hi! I’m Jazzy, I am 11 years old. I am in the 6th grade and this is my 7th year here at T.O.P. What I like best about T.O.P is being with my friends, prayer groups, art class, and how I feel safe there. At school I learned to be more creative, understanding, trustworthy, and more honest. I love that the staff are loving, helpful, caring, and funny. T.O.P has been a blessing to me because I am able to take piano class, learn more about history, and able to understand my math better. It’s crazy to me how just last year we were in a small building and now the school building is so much bigger.


I am a parent of 2 students at Tidings of peace. Thus far it’s been 7 years with the school. I am so grateful to have my kids attend such a great school. I was told about the school through word of mouth and haven’t looked back since. There are many things to be said about the school but most importantly it’s that God is at the center of learning and guidance. It is a small environment in which your child is able to get the attention and help they need. There is excellent communication between teachers and parents. One of my personal favorite things is being able to work with the teachers to help mold your child with the character and manners they should posses. It’s a unique school experience in this day in age to be able to include praising and honoring God in your child’s curriculum. I thank God for the work and the ministry the staff puts in to our children. I pray the outcome is a new generations of God fearing young adults that spread God’s loving message to those in need.


In my first school year at Tidings of Peace I was Jazzy’s homeroom teacher. As a homeroom teacher I was given many opportunities to directly serve my students. In the past three years, I have taken on more of an assistant role to the staff, by teaching a few subjects and assisting in the classroom. I also serve as the IT person to help the staff with the technological challenges that come up. I have learned to be very flexible in jumping to help another staff member at a moment’s notice. I enjoy the variety of doing behind the scenes work to make things run more smoothly for the teachers and staff, allowing more time for the students to learn.

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One way that Tidings of Peace is helping me to become a servant is the way the teachers help the students to become friends. They are teaching me how to understand the other kids better. When I understand them, I then know what they need. I really like this school and the other students and teachers here.

– Benjamin, 5th Grade