Attendance Policy


Regular attendance is required for the benefit of the student in his or her education. It is the duty of the parent/guardian to make sure that every student in Pennsylvania abides by the mandatory school attendance laws. It is the duty of the Tidings of Peace Christian School to report to the York City School District any and all violators of this law who are attending our school.

The following are legal excuses:
  • Sickness that keeps a child from doing their school work.
  • Sickness that keeps the child in bed all day.
  • Sickness that would make other students sick.
  • Sickness that makes the doctor order home rest.
  • School-sponsored, teacher-chaperoned events and field trips.
  • Weddings and funerals of the immediate family members.
  • Family vacations that are educational in nature, only if permission is granted by the school staff one week BEFORE the vacation is taken.
  • Appointments at the doctor, dentist, or other health professional.
  • Court appointments for which a child MUST attend.
  • Traffic, weather, and other circumstances beyond the parent’s control may be granted legal excuse at the sole discretion of the school principal.
  • The first day of a child’s being at home for lice.
The following are NOT legally excused absences from school:
  • Sicknesses that are only during school hours.
  • Baby-sitting for a younger sibling.
  • Out-of-school suspension.
  • All additional days (after the first day) of discovered lice outbreak.
  • Any absence for which a parent does not return a written excuse in three days.
Additional details of the policy:
  • Any student absent for more than three days in a row must have a doctor’s excuse when returning to school.
  • Any student who is tardy for three days will be counted as illegally absent for one day.
  • Any non-traditional holiday taken must have prior principal approval.
  • Parents may excuse only 5 days in one quarterly marking period.