35 years ago, our founder Clayton Shenk, moved into York city to pastor Tidings of Peace Mennonite Church. His heart was for the youth of York. 26 Years ago he started our school with 5 students and the mission to provide HOPE for a brighter future through Christian education. Today 32 families from York have chosen to partner with us in this goal, totaling 45 students. 5 of them our from our church, 20 from other churches, and the rest from no church, but all of them want a Christian education. Many of them are unable to afford the education we offer and a majority of our finances are provided by generous donors. Those who receive scholarships complete 10 hours of community service each month. For years, Clayton, dreamed of being able to provide hands on skills to our students. He wanted them each to graduate with a marketable skill. His dream has been contagious and we are finally ready to move ahead with it.

We are excited about building a pole building to both house our vocational program as well as meet our maintenance and storage needs. We are building a 50’ x 100’ x 17’ pole building and any donated materials or labor you can provide would be phenomenal.

  • Lumber
  • Metal
  • Heated Concrete floor
  • Insulation
  • Garage doors
  • Electrical/Mechanical
  • Excavation

Before construction can begin, Our operating deficit must be eliminated and it needs to be fully sponsored.

HopeTech Team


Tyler Burkholder

TOPCS Principal

Joshua Rosario

Student Maintenance Department

Mack Wiley

Student Maintenance Department

Mike Stoltzfus

Materials/Drawing Secretary


Tim Petersheim

Project Manager

Keith Weaver

Site Manager

John Weaver

Shell Manager

David Martin

Shell Volunteer Coordinator


Nik Nadue

Building Committee Chairman

John Esh

Materials/Drawing Owner

Jonathan Allgyer


Willy Stoltzfus


Travis Good

School Board Chairman

Clay Godfrey

School Board Member

Dwayne Yoder

5th-6th Grade Teacher

Keeshon Washington

Director of Formation

Jeremy Horst

Support Committee Chairman

Glen Martin

Support Committee Member

Jeff Weaver

Support Committee Member

Kendal Schrock

Support Committee Member

Apprenticeship Partners

Business partners willing to apprentice our highschool students, nights, weekends, and summers.


Start date to be determined after our operating deficit is eliminated and the project is fully funded.


Shell materials quoted at A.B. Martin as of 7/22/2021
Lumber – 52,677
Metal – 16,369

Interior Budget

Being calculated
$70,000 on hand

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Let us know how you can help