All available credit for the 2021 tax year has been spoken for, but if you apply before December 31st your application will be given preference for 2022

This is an opportunity for qualified individuals and businesses to contribute money that will be disbursed to the private school(s) of their choice in exchange for a 90% tax credit toward their Pennsylvania tax liability. 

You may add multiple schools in the school selection window to add up to the total you wish to contribute.  If you have questions during the application process or you would like a PDF of the application, please contact FBEP | Jump to Form

If the provided info below doesn’t answer your specific question, reach out to FBEP on the provided contact form below | Jump to Form

FB SPEs have the following operating characteristics:
  • FB SPEs require a minimum commitment of $3,000 for two consecutive years.
  • Applicants must submit their contributions within twenty days of acceptance of their application. 
  • 100% of the contribution will be sent to an approved scholarship organization.  We plan to use Faith Builders Scholarship Services, which charges a 5% administration fee and disburses the remaining 95% to schools designated by contributors. 
  • FB SPE members receive 90% of their contribution as a tax credit toward their Pennsylvania tax liability.
Introduction to Special Purpose Entities
If Faith Builders receives applications exceeding the amount of credits available, they will consider the following criteria when prioritizing applications for acceptance:
  • Date of receipt of application
  • Size of contribution
  • School selection
    • We will make an effort to benefit a variety of schools.
    • We will give priority to those applications designating 10% or more to Faith Builders as one of the school selections.

Contact FBEP

Contact Lucy Miller at 814-789-4518 ext. 245 or using the form below