Our Mission

Giving Hope for a Brighter Future Through Christian Education

Focused Global Servants

Tidings of P . E . A . C . E.

Prayer- Recognizing their need for God  and seeking His help

Encouragement- Praising others for their God-given talents

Academics- Excelling in understanding God and His creation

Character- Allowing God to transform their  hearts and actions ​

Eternity- Living out a never ending relationship with God

Our History

Tidings of Peace Mennonite Church held its first service on Sunday morning, October 24, 1954. Throughout its 60 plus years of ministry to the city of YORK, the members have tried hard to be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in finding new and exciting ways to reach as many persons as possible with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

With the encouragement of Brother Jay Fox of Reading, the congregation voted in the summer of 1994 to start a Christian Day School to answer the call of several in the community that were asking us to give an alternative to the public school system.

In 1994 the current school building at 329 E Poplar Street was offered to the church.

The congregation accepted the offer, and diligent plans began for opening day, Sept 4, 1995.

Opening day arrived with 5 students enrolled—along with 2 full-time and 1 part-time teachers.

Over these years, the student body has grown in numbers, and more than 50 missionaries have volunteered their time to teach and train these students. Some have served for a few months, others for longer than 10 years.