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Income: $472,783.84 ($542,783.84 - $70,000 due to the 21'22' deficit)
Expenses: $389,352.49
Vision Success Partnerships: $23,048.44
Budgeted Income: $344,985.03

Donation Request

We are looking for individuals or businesses to cover the expenses of our annual family fun night, so that 100% of the proceeds can go to fund our junior/senior trip.

Ice Cream Machine: $200
Bounce House: $400
Cotton Candy Machine: $50
Buggy Rides: $100
Food: $1,200
Tent: $350
Misc. (Prizes, Supplies, etc.): $350
Total Costs: $2,650
Gift Cards of any amount are also appreciated for hourly door prizes

Please let us know what you chose to donate via email: [email protected]
If writing a check, write it to: Student Council and mail to 220 N Eberts LN York, PA 17403
Thanks so much for your help!

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