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A Heartfelt Thank you

to those who gave to the offering at our Banquet. We received over $10,000

As of: September 30

Income: $154, 818.90
Expenses: $111,009.91
Vision Success Partnerships: $5,400.00
Budget: $114,995.01

Vision Success Partners

We have only had 1 new Vision Success Partner since the Banquet. That brings us to a total of 25 partners. We are hoping to get 29 more before thanksgiving. Please consider partnering with us today!

We were reminded this weekend of what a gift each day is, we had a patron family who was involved in an accident… Praise God that there were no injuries. If you have a vehicle for sale, or would love to help this patron family cover the cost of a new vehicle, please contact our office at (717) 843-4562 or [email protected]

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