Student Application

Tuition Information

Our tuition cost has been updated. Contact the office: 717-843-4562 with any questions about tuition
we are not accepting students until the 2nd quarter

For more information please email Austin Shenk at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How does tuition work with multiple children enrolled?
The cost of tuition per student decreases significantly with every child enrolled. Please inquire for more specifics.

Who has to complete community service?
Each family must total 10 hours of community service. The requirement does not increase with more children enrolled. Anyone in the family may do the service. 

When is tuition due?
Tuition is due by the fifth of every month. 

What is the penalty for not paying tuition on time?
Past-due tuition can result in temporary suspension until the owed tuition is brought forward. 

Is there a limit to how many children I may enroll?
We do not limit the amount any individual family may enroll. 

Have any questions? Contact us with the information below.